We offer a special massage here at 'The Relaxation Station' You will be led by our beautiful masseuse to have an assisted shower, and then be taken to our VIP room where you will be treated like a royal! Here you will have a 'special' massage performed on a bed with lots of body to body, using warm oils ;)

Ok so with this massage the name says it all! Firstly you will be welcomed by our glamorous masseuse who will lead you to heaven. You will be luxuriously massaged using smooth, gliding strokes. The primary purpose is to help you relax but of course leading to a sensual climax!

We offer the very best and most erotic body to body massage here at The Relaxation Station which will leave you shaking in pure orgasmic pleasure.
Using every part of our body to skilfully caress and excite you, we will give you intense pleasurable highs. The start will be pleasurable - the end will be explosive ;)


Nuru massage is a very intimate massage which is performed with both the client and masseuse in nude. It originates from japan and the word nuru simply means slippery in English. It is performed with a gel which is rubbed onto the body of the client giving a slippery effect. Our tantric masseuse will slide her gorgeous body on yours and make you experience one of the most erotic massages in the world!
It is ultimately the most sensuous body to body experience you will have, undoubtedly it will provide relief from your aching muscles and remove all other aches and pains. But most importantly of all it will give you a great sense of relaxation and sensual pleasure.


For the generous Gentlemen who enjoys Giving as much as Receiving, our grateful list of Mutual Massage Specialists will engage you with their gracious give-and-take touch that doubles the therapeutic energy and maximizes the mutual pleasure man Look atnnnnnnnof this Massage exclusive menu item. We firmly believe in mutual massage and are excited to introduce this treatment to all our lucky mutual massage novices as well as looking forward to enriching our reciprocal pleasure education with our more dedicated Clientele for the delightfully generous Gentlemen who we always look forward to meeting and serving. A Mutual Massage offers our Guests the opportunity to demonstrate their gentle but firm loving touch with our very appreciative staff and to explore and expand their massage skill in a relaxing atmosphere of privacy and decorum.



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